How energy affects our Pets

First of all our animals choose us and as a family member they are deeply connected and bonded to you.  

Because our love and connection to them is so deep they can feel our thoughts and our emotions, so much so that they absorb our energy. Energy creates like energy. If the environment is full of anger and drama your pet will take that on leading to possible illness or behavioral issues.  Remember when your Grandparents had party-lines? You always knew what was going on with all your neighbors, all you had to do was pick up the phone and listen in. Our animals naturally have this ability they know what’s going on in the neighborhood and all are around them. 

Animals use their instinct; another word for instinct is energy.

Instinct is something you don't need to learn — it happens naturally, without you even thinking about it. So if your energy is out of balance it affects everything around them.  

You cannot hide from an energy practitioner or an animal. They are both great at sensing energy fields. You may not have developed the ability to consciously understand what's happening, but your body and energy field have, it’s called instinct. Animals rely on instinct and they exist in our energy field, so tending to their health and welfare includes providing a positive energetic atmosphere.  

Example: Year’s ago I had a woman call me and say every time

she came home her two cats were always upset. I could feel the anxiety in the woman’s

voice so I asked her what she did for a living? She was a therapist. I suggested that she clear and ground her energy before leaving the office so she doesn’t transfer her patient’s energies onto her cats. Being clear and calm when you get home will switch the energy and calm your kitties. 

Even a physical sickness can transfer to your pets, so be sure to take care of yourself too.  

Example: Jemma, our baby is very bonded to her Daddy. Her Daddy was having stomach issues, next thing I noticed Jemma started having the same symptoms. Once we got Dad’s issues under control we noticed Jemma’s tummy settled down too. Our pets truly mirror our energies.  

We are living in intense times and the animals are really feeling it too, so do the best you can to take care of your thoughts and emotions around your pets, and everyone for that matter. 

Things we can do to help us ground and be in the present.. Take your pets for walks, get into nature, go to the beach take your shoes off and feel the sand, see and smell the ocean. Animals know how to do this naturally all four paws are on the ground. DISCONNECT from your phones and be in the present! 

If you have a kitty, spend more time just petting and loving on them, it’s the Purrrfect antidote to what ails you. 

MaryRose Ardolino